Friday, January 08, 2010

Christmas 2009 Message

Grandma's Christmas Thoughts
Someone recently said
that in the doldrums of winter while all the earth goes to sleep
and the gardens die and the trees go bare (at least here in Virginia)
that this is truly the best season of the year…
There is a spirit that permeates the world.

Imagine a world without Thanksgiving and Christmas.
To me, as the years roll by, the two holidays become inseparably connected.
Thankfulness turns to honor and worship
of that One Sacred Life that gave us ALL.

It is a season in which we celebrate new life…
the birth of our Savior… the hope of the world.

It was also in this season of the year that new life came to our family—twice.
Every year, I remember rocking my tiny little infants in front of the Christmas tree,
gazing into the sparkling lights, and singing Silent Night as a lullaby.

Imagine a new mother, holding her infants in her arms,
and deeply contemplating the layers of meaning in that song not only for the world,
but for our family. To me, they were holy infants… asleep in a heavenly peace.

The sacredness of new life, and of that One Life…
our hopes and dreams wrapped up in them both…
Oh what Joy they have brought to the world!
All of them… the Christ child, and all children and all grandchildren.

What joy it is
to have Thanksgiving ring in the sacred Christmas season,
to sing songs and decorate the tree,
to read stories and make good food together,
to laugh and remember days gone by and family and friends…

We are grateful for you all, for your love and for your lives.
Our love extends to you all
with wishes of joy and peace and love and laughter in your lives.
May this holiday season stay with you the whole year through.

Happy New Year

Becky and Scott Vanatter

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Elder Thomas said...

Elder Vanatter: Thanks for keeping us on your Christmas letter list. It's great to hear from you and get an update on your family. Stay in touch.

Elder Thomas