Friday, March 01, 2013

Discoveries in Chiasmus now available at Deseret Book in addition to

Our recent book, Discoveries in Chiasmus: A Pattern in All Things, is now available at Deseret Book in addition to

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A couple of years ago Yvonne Bent invited me, among others, to be one of the speakers at a conference she organized on chiasmus. She and I have subsequently edited the proceedings into this new Second Edition. We added a Bio on each author, an Index, and improved the formatting for ease of reading.

"This book is a compilation or anthology of the some of the best and most current research on Chiasmus. Each of these author/presenters includes a powerful and unique perspective comprising the separate chapters of the book.

"Chiasmus, once assumed to be only an ancient Hebraic literary pattern, can be shown to provide a pattern in all things. It has been identified in both the sciences and the arts. Chapters in this compilation are based on presentations at a recent conference organized by Yvonne Bent on chiasmus. The authors/presenters show how this pattern can be recognized in art, music, architecture, mathematics, the human body and even the atom. . . ."