Sunday, October 02, 2011

"America the Beautiful" (Carrie on the 4th of July)

More items found in a box in the garage today.

We lived in Irvine in the 80s. Every Fourth of July there was a parade. This photo of Carrie (in a local weekly newspaper) was taken on a very hot 4th of July. You can sorta see her red face. Sydney would probably have been in a stroller this year.

"Red Fish, Blue Fish . . . Purple Fish"

Sydney's Early Art

I found a box in the garage today, found some old art, papers, etc. The bottom picture Sydney drew when she was almost 4 years old in Primary in Irvine; it is a fish. A while later, before we moved to Virginia, she wrote her name in multiple colors.  


By Scott Vanatter, 1964 poem (Grade 5)

Red, yellow, green leaves,
  Tiny bee flying over trees,
    Fall singing for me.