Monday, August 08, 2011

Still, Terry

By Scott L Vanatter

Poem written August 8, 2011 about my friend Terry Tenove (1954-1978)

Still, I think of him -- and often.
  (Happily and with affinity.)

Sometimes, still, my heart aches then is softened
  (Subtly, I see.)

His time with us, though shortened, still is not forgotten.
  (Not by me.)

What he could have created here, is foregone.
  (But one day still may be.)

Who he was here, doesn’t alone determine who he shall one day become.

Smiling inside, I know he’s happy even now.
  (And free.)

In our future reunion all will be compensated, corrected, and perfected.

No longer in our time, he is forever in God’s.
  (Nobly. Still, Terry.)