Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Birth of Love

(Father-Mother-Son; Man-Woman-Boy; Husband-Wife-Child)

The spark lay buried;
Dormant—smoldering—comforting, deep within;
Waiting to jump into flame.

Long hidden from view,
Never really known; though almost shown
By inklings, and flashes and glimpses.

Anxious, now,
To make it to the air, finally did it pierce through; at just the perfect, select moment;
No more to be concealed.

Impatient waiting, and now seeing,
The flame grows into an enduring, Eternal light;
Capable of sparking others.

The burning, now,
Creates life on its own; now sees the full light of day.

This “burning”
Sets on fire the souls that now perceive; and comes together as One;
Over altars, and glances, and (kind) words, and gentle (forgiving) hearts.

Wiggling and vibrating
Long, and strong, and sure; echoing again and again new found freedom.

The Child
Comes in an instant to Father and Mother,
Who seek to erase any pain, and gain the desire to impart… all. Everything. Every good thing.

Child grows old;
Child grows wise; so marvelous to behold. Discovers his spark, his very own;
And so starts another round.

Hearts combined; Lives intertwined;
They learned together and experienced heights, depths, and wonders.

All from the very center of dear sweet Parents;
They engaged and loved and cherished the Boy to their souls; and freed him and built him
Till he became a Man.

Scott Vanatter, 27 April 2005 (Poem for Carrie, Scott, and their children)