Friday, November 09, 2007

That Face: You

We Meet, 1967
Looking across the shrinking room; coming closer towards that face.
Surely this is a part of me, forgotten about; but a part that is so natural and pleasant.
Easily we talk and continue to look -- without looking away.

Happy Together, 1967-1968
Growing so accustomed to that face;
Not just the eyes, but the whole face -- the whole person behind that face.
Everyday imagination leaps immediately to that image -- to that face.
Nightly dreaming of that face eases me into slumber.

Holding Hands, 1967
Now I know I have lost something. What?
It was here; I just had it. Where did it go? I want it back.
Ah. That's it. The touch that further connects.

A Chance Meeting, 1970
After so long, I am amazed
At how lovely, glowing, and even eternal is that face.
Can't stop stealing peeks at that face. Can't stop gazing at that face.
I can't stop dreaming of that face.

We Meet Again, 1971
Another time.
Almost can't look at that face.
Try not to be too obvious. I want to look. So bad.
I try not to… I try. But I fail, and look; and oh
That face, those eyes, that new person.

Together Again, 1972-1973
Knowing every aspect of that face;
Not just the eyes and face, but the Eternal Person behind that face.
Everyday yearning centers on that image -- that face.
Nightly prayers ease me into slumber.

Together Forever, 1976
Kneeling, looking across an ever increasing horizon; knowing this is the face.
Surely this is a part of me, now known; and a part so grand and glorious.
Easily we walk, and continue to walk on -- without letting go.

Scott L. Vanatter, 2 January 2002 (Poem for Becky on our 26th wedding anniversary)