Thursday, October 11, 2007

His Father’s Eyes

Together alone, as I watched him there asleep,
I gazed deep into that angel face.
Every angle, every curve, every shape…
Every peek into his soul… did I trace.

That first day that held him; I held him close for a while.
And back and forth his eyes followed mine it seemed.
I wondered. My mind wandered. It drifted upward,
And then I dreamed.

What will he become? Who will he be?
I wonder what he sees.
And then I remembered how long he’d been –
Eternities, upon eternities.

His father that raises and cares for and loves him --
And helps him now to grow,
Has already seen and accomplished, spiritually,
More than most will ever know.

The glory they trail together, having come from such lofty heights --
And having lived with those Great Souls --
Will spread throughout their every shared path,
And bless all those with whom they sow.

What this choice son will see, and what he will become,
Will largely mirror the reflection he beholds
In the lens of his father’s life and eyes;
Even in his father’s soul.

Only those who desire and give -- and then sacrifice even more --
Will ever really “know” the joy
Of seeing lives truly changed; and how this special father
Does this very thing with this particular boy.*

Scott L. Vanatter, 27 May 2004 (Poem for Ryan -- and now Sean, and now Kyle -- and their Dad)

* And now with Sean -- and Kyle -- we can read the ending as, “these particular boys”