Wednesday, July 21, 2004


Mountain ridges
Stretch out, one after another --
As far as the eye can see -- into the distance.
Each one fades into lighter
Shades of blue.

Gentle valleys
And pleasant meadows dot this frail existence.
Every moment of rest, amidst pains,
Hints at ancient memories
We once knew.

Walking on --
And pushing through this desert of resistance --
Each new turn of the path is entwining hearts, that
Used to be two.

On the precipice of now*,
You are at the center of my experience,
Every act of love you create is echoing back -- magnified --
Inside of you.

Mirrored eternities,
Past and future, are -- with your careful assistance --
Each reflections of glories gone by
And even greater glories gradually
Coming into view.

The azure ocean horizon
Becomes a turquoise sky,
And with the sunset's growing brilliance,
Every dream of yours
Is granted in beauty and grace, and all becomes whole
And true.

* or, Forever

Scott Vanatter, 21 July 2004 (Poem for Becky's 50th Birthday)