Sunday, May 08, 2011

For our Mothers...

[A poem written for my Mother’s 75th birthday.]

We all yearn for, discover over and over again, and live in and deeply feel the love of our mothers. And those who have mothered us. Today, this poem is offered to all the mothers out there, birth and otherwise -- those who yearn to be mothers, who will be, and those who may never be… We love you all -- and your heart.

Sure: Our Mother’s Love (Nothing Wavering)

Gentle words
Washing over us
Since before we can remember

Loving heart
Entwining with ours
Every minute we’re together

Without condition
Effortlessly felt in our soul

Impulses of love
Constantly, gently make us whole

The Fullness
Of this pure sweet love
Penetrates to our very core

Filling us
With such perfect peace
Forever never wanting more

Scott L. Vanatter, 11-12 March 2008