Friday, November 23, 2007

Each Kiss - And This Kiss

“Forty years since our first kiss it’s been . . .”
I. First (Summer and Fall of 1967, then many months later…)My arm around your shoulder . . . fresh and cool and new.
Quick and sweet - though, it took an eternity to get to you.

II. Best (Spring of 1970, then a few weeks later…)My arm around your shoulder - again . . . whole and serene and calm.
Long and pure - this dreamlike kiss lingers on.

Time and our hearts stand still.

Walking away; down the street,
Floating. Just off the ground, I walk along.
Can’t hear. Can barely breathe; don’t care.
Hearts swelled; hearts warm.
Numb with feeling; lips still tingling.
Touch my finger to my lips; checking this is real (and remembering).
It is; it is no dream.
Can never forget; it's never far from my sweetest thoughts.
Even today. Even now.

III. Sweetest (Senior Year, 1971-1972)The day, the night, the moment I purpose to tell you
With all my heart
I love you,

With my whole trembling soul,
My voice breaks
My voice quivers
My heart bursts
My heart burns
With love true.

It’s you.

Just sitting there, holding you tight, for the longest time.
Then, the kiss divine and sublime.

IV. Safe Voyage (Departing for Mission - SLC Mission Home, 1973)Saying our goodbyes,
Falling tears of longing wet our eyes
And our lips. We gently kiss.

IV. Safe Harbor (Returning from Mission - LAX Airport, 1975) Embracing hello,
Gleaming tears of knowing. Our eyes meet,
I lean in, you turn slightly, I kiss your cheek.

V. One Eternal Now (Across an Altar - Los Angeles Temple, 1976)Looking across the altar into your eyes
And into time and eternity,
We softly kiss.
[New Family]

VI. Creation (Across Hospital Beds, 1976, 1979)Bending down over your bed,
I kiss your forehead
Close my eyes, and rest my cheek next to yours.
[Family Grows]

V. One Eternal Round (Across an Altar - Nauvoo Temple, 2002)Seeing you across the altar
We kiss
And gaze together upon visions of Glory - and of our whole family in heaven.
[Family Expanded]

VI. In This Moment (Across Time and Eternity)Bending down,
Kissing sweet boys and girls.
Opening our eyes, and resting in Goodness and Love.
[Family Is One]

Scott L. Vanatter, 10 November 2007 (Poem for Becky on the Fortieth Anniversary of our First Kiss.)