Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Your Father and You

Closely, his heart next to your heart,
He holds you; yes, now when you are young,
But even later as you grow older.

He knows you; who you are,
Who you were before this earth-time, and who you are becoming.
Face to face you talk and talk over many things, over everything –
As friends, as best friends.

Even though trials and troubles are all about,
You see through it all, eye to eye, and appreciate
The beauties of this wide wondrous world.

Side by side you work together in your garage, and in the yard;
In your neighborhood, and in the Kingdom.

Even more than the beauties of this earth,
You comprehend together, pure mind with pure mind, the simplicities and complexities of the Eternities –
The great principles that reveal truth,
And what is of real worth.

Soul to soul -- together with your dear Mother and loved ones –
You reach to the heights and glories
Of the highest and best that is deep within.
Your father and you . . . you are one.

Scott L. Vanatter, 4 July 2003 (Poem for Ryan -- and now Sean, and now Kyle -- and their Dad)

Yesterday, Scott (Motley) began the second round of treatment for thyroid cancer. For ten days he will be quarantined, as he is -- basically/literally -- radioactive. He is only able to talk to his boys (and his dear wife) on the phone, and see them from a safe distance. No hugs, no kisses, no wrestling . . . for ten days.