Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A poem for Mom's 80th Birthday

The Center
Through the heart and words of a natural mother AND through the heart and works of a natural genealogist, Mom (Grandma Dot) is at the very center of all that is important. Connecting our hearts and the generations.

Looking back (and forward), seeing past an earthy veil
   Into the heart.

Love no longer lost, the chain no longer frail,
    Is now rebuilt and an inherent part . . .

Of those we knew. But being separated
    Here in our own time . . .

And forgotten. Are now recovered and remembered --
    With faint inklings sublime.

Weak links, now strong. Those long asleep, now awakening,
    No longer alone.

She, at the center point of our shared existence, connecting
    Our Hearts and the Generations. Now one -- and known.

(Poem by Scott L. Vanatter, written Feb. 26, 2014, in honor of my Mother’s 80th birthday.)