Wednesday, June 11, 2003

The Boy Loved, The Man Seen

They see him go down,
And we see him come into our lives.
They’ve known him, eon upon eon.
We want to know his every movement, his every new sigh.

They perceive his full potential,
While we try to even conceive of it.
They're able to help beyond measure.
We desperately desire to more fully love and give.

They watch over him all day long.
For now, we can’t take our eyes off him.
They’ve sent him out into this world.
We are learning to let him walk on his own.

They provide companions to share his journey.
We want to know all his friends.
They build him up, deep in his soul.
We seek to support all that is positive inside.

They infuse him with knowledge of the heart;
While we try to teach him all we know. . . and thereby know more and better ourselves.
They knit our hearts together as one;
He (Ryan) teaches us things we never knew.

They desire us to see his true inner self.
We now see, and love what we see.
They've loved him, and us, so perfectly for so long,
That we are drawn, together, into their close embrace.

Scott Vanatter, 11 June 2003 (Poem on the birth of Ryan Scott Motley)