Thursday, July 21, 2011

Her Heart's Desire

Her Heart’s Desire

Poem by Scott L. Vanatter for Becky on her 57th birthday

The power and clarity of her word,
The strength and surety of her promise,
  Shows us that she knows.

The breadth and depth of her experience,
The focus and extent of her knowledge,
  Helps us grow as she grows.

Because of . . .
The light and truth that fill her mind,
The yearning and warmth and conscience of her heart,
  Our soul’s comfort overflows.

    Basking in the shower of her love, we are whole.


Her Heart’s Desire (2.0)
Poem by Scott L. Vanatter for Becky on her 57th birthday, alternate version.

Ver. 2.0 is another take on the same ideas, only more declarative. Becky prefers the original above, as do I.

Her words are clear and powerful.
Her promises are sure and strong.
  We know she knows.

Her experience is broad and deep.
Her knowledge is focused and extensive.
  We grow as she grows.

Because . . .
Her mind is filled with light and truth,
And because of her heart’s conscience, yearning and warmth,
  We are comforted and our soul overflows.

    We bask in the shower of her love, and are whole.


For Becky, with Love 
Happy Birthday!

While the poem was written for and about Becky, it also has reference to all those in our lives who exhibit such divine feminine characteristics. Those qualities which draw us to them -- whether they are those angelic/divinely feminine women who reside in the heavens, or here on earth. All exert such a powerful, sometimes unrealized (perhaps consciously unknown) influence on our lives and heart. Thank heaven for Love, thank heaven for them. And to me, thank heaven for Becky -- My Eternal Sweetheart.