Friday, November 05, 2010

"Stand By Me"

Cade's three older brothers, Ryan, Sean, and Kyle being silly.

Ryan squishing his neck.

Sean making a funny face/mouth.

Kyle doing his grinning Winston Churchill.

Sean acting surprised, Kyle sticking out his tongue, Ryan slouching. 

Monday, November 01, 2010

"Time Flies on Wings of Lightning . . . "

Our project this trip was to design and create three paper airplanes from the Star Wars saga, a Tie Fighter, an X-Wing fighter, and the Millennial Falcon. Sean and Ryan came up with these three. We researched online double-checking the coloring and physical form of the three. We experimented with multiple designs.

On his own, Sean made (based on my previous design), then painted Super Sonic paper airplane red and blue. Sean had also stumbled upon a way to make a Tie-Fighter, taping two other planes together. I thought we might try the same tactic in creating an X-Wing (taping two "wings" together onto a fuselage). Ryan liked my idea of how to proceed, but said that if it failed he had a backup plan. My plan failed. We had previously acknowledged that, like Edison, there may be successes and/or failures. (We knew that some designs which LOOKED good, might not fly, and vice versa.) We would build upon any "failures" to adjust to some other potential design. Turns out my X-Wing looked okay, but did not come close to "flying."

So, it was Ryan's turn to create HIS version of the X-Wing. He completed one of our Super Sonic planes, THEN took to cutting off parts of the wings and body, etc., till it looked like his long skinny iteration above. This both looked pretty good and sorta flew. We thought to put a ballast in the plane body (a popsicle stick). Ryan thought we should tape the two sides of the wings together. We also decided to put a slight bend on the ends of the wings. Half way through bending the front wings, Ryan suggested we bend the second set of wings the opposite direction (IOW, two bend down, two bent up.) THIS configuration worked. Really well. It both looked good and flew. Sweet.

Good work boys. Loved making the planes with you and loved being with you once again. Thanks for the planes, and the games, and the football, and the capture the flag, and our talks, and your love.

Kyle launched a few planes and brightened up the place with his smiles and energy. Cade brought a sweet peace to all. O how his brothers love him and hold him so gently.

Carrie and Scott are capable, caring, and concerned captains of this crazy crew.