Friday, July 18, 2014

POEM: The Things of Mom

The Things of Mom
On the occasion of her moving out of her home, and giving up and giving away the stuff of her life’s accumulations

  Whether “dust collector,” simply useful, or family treasure. . .
    Impossible to measure.

  Regrets? (“Too few to mention.”) Overcome and offset
    By a thousand beautiful memories . . . impossible to forget.

  An Eternal chain of new “Dollybabes” are the results of her instinctive divine maternal impulses. . .
    Impossible to number.

Her Soul
  The depth and breadth of the tears she wept
    on behalf of loved ones here grieved
  Echo in the eternal realm and are felt
    by dear ones who long before us have left 
  This frail existence, but who now know where they are what we must here accept
    to appreciate thereby the heights with them later to be received.

      Her joys and glories and the extent of her sphere of influence in the next world there,
        Will a thousand fold compensate for any pain or worry while dwelling in this world here.


By Scott L. Vanatter, July 17, 2014 (A poem for Mom as she moves to her new home with Tracy in Washington State)