Monday, July 07, 2014

POEM: Sounding Joy

Sounding Joy

She speaks!
Really she never ceased.

Her boundless voice of love now echoes not only in Time, but Eternity.
With all the angels she shouts, and even dances.

More than ever, she is there for us.
No, she is here for us.

Into all the Eternities, she beckons us. (Yes, we can hear her.)

Finally, her communication is again
Sounding and heard by her dear ones there (and here),
Vibrant, clear and audibly brilliant for them (and us)
Till that Great Day when all shall hear clearly.

Embracing her mother, with all of Heaven’s Family welcoming her home,
She stops to think of us, and whispers to us,
We are not alone.

One day we shall behold her shining face again,
She will look deep within our eyes, and in a moment, into our very souls.
We yearn to talk and walk with her – looking forward with her to Eternal possibilities.

In our deepest trials, her voice will sound in our ears
The silence of our night will be broken
Punctuated with a needed comfort,
Or pierced with her still small sacred voice, of “I love you.”

Forever clear is her now language.
She speaks, literally now, with the voice of an angel, with power to stir the whole world,
Though, now much softer than even the quiet of recent years – for another reason.

Knowing the depths and heights of our world – she years for us to understand hers.
I can hear her (even now). I hear her drawing us into Eternal perspective
Which, in ways perhaps unknown to our outer self, give us inner satisfaction and joy.

Her expressions to us, now impressions, lodge deep in our hearts – as we let them.
Ever will her loving invitations draw us to her – and back to our Heavenly Home.


By Scott L. Vanatter, December 2011. (Poem for Lola Lenore “Lee” Allen on the occasion of her passing out of this world into the next.)