Sunday, May 08, 2016

POEM: Mothers of Eve, Expansion

Mothers of Eve, Expansion By Scott L. Vanatter, May 8, 2016, Mother’s DayPoem for Carrie and Sydney -- and their Mother. (Original minimalist version written November 15-17, 2015.)

Like their Mother: Three Agencies

Deep within each of them exits their very own, individual Inherent Agency. 
 Since time immemorial they have possessed this power.
  It propels them on. Choosing. Acting. Becoming.

   Because they exist, it is there. It was always there. It is always there. It will always be there.
    This uncovered power reveals their very own personal eternal yearning.

     Yearning for good, for improvement, for progression.

(Having been Prepared from Eternity, they are now Fulfilling their Destiny, and Forging their Eternal Identity. // Chosen they are. They act with real Intent. Freely they Consent to eternal verities. In Descending to Earth, they Ascend to Heaven. Having been Sent, they prepare and send forth their own descendants. // What can be seen, they see. Perceiving even the unseen truths that so many miss. For us, they turn the Key of Knowledge. Their knowledge, understanding, and wisdom transforms any bitterness in our lives into delicious sweet fruit. // In the exactness and honorable Precision of their Decisions, they share the most important kind of Knowledge (the inner, experiential love of the Divine) and we catch the Vision.)

As a divine Daughter, through countless interactions with their Mother -- some so very subtle -- they have Inherited an active example of knowing, lively Agency. Their very own personal, inner vision.
  Of what is.

   And what can be.
    And what they are about.

     Since their time here in time they have learned these outward and inward lessons, gaining even greater insight, awareness, and practiced/proven power. 

(By precept, by example, and by osmosis, Their Mother shared and shares with them a vision of the power of Choice; they’ve pondered this vision, and have secured their very own. They have observed, and considered the natural consequences, Outcomes of their choices. Somehow they recall pre-mortal Decisions and promises made long ago. Even when not crystal clear, this ‘remembering’ empowers each new (old) decision. // In Creating their family, they (with their help mate) and their Children, are Pilgrims on a journey of discovery. Ultimately, they will inherit their Kingdom, and Queendom, and become themselves, the reigning, radiant Wisdom personified. // Their Courage -- enough and to spare – is infectious.)

Through personal choice, as a fully-functioning agent, they have Acquired significant and growing levels of personal Agency. 
 This has become a power – even a priesthood power flowing through them.
  Through their righteous influence.

   Through their temple-centered endowment.
    They now pass through the everlasting gates of glory…

     And we follow them, and they embrace all that is good, and holy, and whole. We are At One with them, and the Whole Family of Heaven. Glory, Immortality, and Eternal Life because of them, and with them. Forever and ever.

(Now with decades-long, authentic Experience they are empowered and exerting their own powerful influence. The circle is One Eternal Round. Generation after generation of powerful women, every generation that much more powerful, loving, and eternally effective. Generations of power exemplified and perfected and whole. // An ever-progressing Fullness is theirs, and their endowment to all of us and to generations yet unborn. Their Glory, now realized and growing, is their legacy. // Their Generation and those before and to follow, all their Relations, are destined to receive Exaltation – in no small part because of the Eternal/Maternal which they have become. In fact, they have become and ARE “Life” to us. They are the Mother of All Our Living.)


Like their Mother: Not Twins, but One
They are Mirrors of the Divine, in both Heart and Mind. No, they are not twins.
 But still they are one, in so many ways. Like their Mother.

  They are not the same. But they are of the same mold, the same training, the same vision.

   They possess the same Real Love. AND the same outward and inner Loveliness.
    They both Reflect and Refract the Divine Light into a thousand times ten thousand brilliant rays.

      They are, in their own way, Beautiful, Wise, Life-Giving Eve: LIFE to all they meet and know. To a million, million. To me.

(Yes, they and their Mother ARE “Life” to me.)