Sunday, July 19, 2009

"American Graffiti" (Sean's rendition of my 55 Chevy)

Sean remembered that we hadn't done any computer drawing yet this trip. First Ryan drew his picture. Then Sean thought what he could draw. He chose to draw the rear tail light of a 55 Chevy. MY 55 Chevy. So, I drew the curved chrome (gray) part, and he drew he red tail light line and filled in the red, green, and gray parts all by himself.

We thought we might end with just the chrome part with the red light. Ryan suggested we draw the actual green part of the car. Sean said, "If we draw the car you'll be more impressed!"

How could we not?

"Da-da-da Dah Dah da-da-da DAAH dah, da-da-da DAAH dah, da-da-da-daah..." (Ryan's Lightsaber)

Ryan chose to draw from scratch and from memory Mace Windoo's purple lightsaber. He designed and drew it 100% all by himself. Including the red button, and the yellow light (which, he says, if on, signifies how much damage the lightsaber can do).

Note the two colors of the actual lightsaber; the outer/lighter color being the "glow" of the inner/actual lightsaber itself. Ryan's idea, design, and accomplishment.

Ryan further informs me that the tan color is part of Luke's Obi-Wan's cloak/robe on the Jedi's arm.