Saturday, May 16, 2009



With such comfort as time lends,
With such longing as hopes yield,
With such love as tears reveal
-- Hear now our Hope and Desire.

As great and precious promises anchor our souls,
As eternal ties bind us,
As experiences knit us together
-- Grant us true Companionship.

Being strengthened in struggles,
Being tried in trials of faith and will,
Being refined in furnaces of affliction
-- Help us Overcome all.

Together learning through love,
Together stretching through service,
Together growing through giving
-- Make us Instruments in thine Hand.

How we worship thee,
How we understand thee,
How we commune with thee
-- So reveal thyself, thy True Nature.

With experience we truly know thy character,
With yearning we find our true selves,
With true love we see our destiny.
-- Wrap us in the everlasting arms of Thy Love.

Scott L. Vanatter, 24 December 2000 (Christmas Poem for Becky, my Love)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"My Funny Valentine"

Sean pulling funny faces

Ryan pulling funny faces

Both boys pulling funny faces, plus

(Reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes pulling funny faces.)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

"She'll be coming 'round the mountain . . . "

Within seconds of Carrie getting down onto the floor to play, the boys jumped onto her back playing horsey, etc. (with light sabers)! They are full-on boys, rough-housing, and having fun, fun, fun whenever feasible. (Always a good thing!)

Grandma Becky reminds me that the boys are as quick to play horsey, etc. with their dear ol' Mom when she gets down on the floor with them, as they are with their Dad.

The boys love love LOVE their Mother. They tell her so; they tell her she's pretty; they follow her; and respect her. She is -- along with her dear hubby -- raising a team of righteous sons. A sight to behold (their interaction, their eyes, their council, their nightly prayers, their Family Home Evenings, etc.).

Happy Mother's Day Carrie. (And Grandma Becky, and Grandma Lee, and Grandma Dot, and all.)