Saturday, August 16, 2008

Eternity in Each Moment

So many Generations have seen these very days of yours,
Where each eternal moment reveals His divine ways and course.

And now, the New Life being brought forth by you both,
Creates, in us all, renewed hope of our own rebirth and growth.

We see the two of you – as one – and now three,*
Are already bound together, in one, eternally.

And this New Little One, sent forth by those from above,
Will bring new ways to see . . . new ways to be . . . and new ways for us to love.

Eternity has just reached down and touched your inmost soul,
As this new Generation even now rejoices and further completes the whole.

Scott L. Vanatter, mid-October 2002 (Poem written in anticipation of Ryan’s upcoming birth.)

* This poem still works, even though they are now more than just three.

Eternities Now

Our days become decades,
Our years, eternities,
Our minds and heart ever more one.

Your smile becomes my beacon,
Your love, my very life.
Your deepest soul enlivens me.

Our eyes and our lives, even more closely united,
Your face, even more the sight I yearn to see.
Your soul touches mine at the very moment I want to feel . . .
As now and throughout all eternity.

Scott L. Vanatter, 20 July 2004 (Poem written for Becky's 50th birthday.)