Friday, January 08, 2010

Christmas 2009 Pictures/Update

  • Serves now as first counselor in the bishopric.
  • Works for a competitor to his last company.
  • Finalized move of three wards into a new chapel—including ours.
  • Drove to Kansas to spend Christmas with mother and sister—just got home.
  • Serves as the shift coordinator every Thursday evening at the Washington D.C. Temple (with President and Sister Tingey—Scott’s former mission president!).
  • Teaches the Adult Gospel Doctrine Sunday School class.
  • 8th year working for BYU—Coordinating the Washington D.C. Student Teaching Program.

  • Moved to Arlington (Crystal City) this year. Now in the Colonial Ward.
  • Works in the Washington D.C. Temple on Thursday evenings on Becky’s shift.
  • Traveled to Greece this fall.
  • Is dating Mike! (“Love is in the air!”)

Carrie and Scott (along with Ryan, Sean, and Kyle)
  • Summer and Thanksgiving in Virginia.
  • Bought and moved into their first house a few days before Christmas!
  • They now live in a new ward and new stake in Lincoln, CA.

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Carrie said...

Fun updates...but it's just Lincoln - not Lincoln Heights:)

neat Christmas letter. I like it!