Saturday, August 25, 2007

"Higher Gound . . . "

We were driving from Logan, UT where Sydney just graduated from Utah State University to Roseville, CA where Scott, Carrie, Ryan, and Sean live. Along the way we paused at a rest stop in the midst of the Great Salt Lake's Bonneville salt flats. As soon as we got out of the van, Ryan darted for the salt flats and began running . . . and running, and running. He was leading the way (without looking back to see if we were all following him). I followed him WAY out into the salt flats. He may have run a good half mile of a mile. It looked like he was heading for those mountains in the distance. I caught up and we finally turned around. He knew this wasn't snow, or concrete, but salt (he took us at our word). So when I suggested we lick it, he was all for it. It was kinda 'inviting' . . . licking-wise, that is -- AND in its natural wonder. (May 2006)

Friday, August 24, 2007

"Put Me In Coach, I'm Ready to Play . . . " Part 2 (Future running back?)

Sean wiggle-walking. (Was titled, "Wiggle When You Walk; Giggle When You Talk . . . ")

He went on like this for a long time. I thought he might stop; but he kept going. I finally got out my cell phone to take this movie. He went on and on and on -- what a "journey."

Kids laugh. Kids skip. Kids smile. Kids love. And ALL so naturally . . . and so full of life! (4 August 2007)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

"A Day in the Life . . . "

Poems written while on my mission in the mid-70s.

~ ~ ~


From a song, from a friend
For the Melody and Harmony
Of your soul they fill
The wide expanses of within.

Scott L. Vanatter, 11 March 1975

~ ~ ~

Inside Looking Out

Too many times I (Deeply) wonder,
And often I decide,
Pondering and considering
The day of this Life.

Hidden revelations begin to sink in;
Things I had but didn't comprehend.

Often come they with softness
Of the spirit most sublime.

The spirit of man -- to develop;
The Holy Spirit -- to confirm.

With the knowledge
And the Path stretched forever in eternity...
You slip.

With the Majesty of a Testimony you
Ponder, Pray, and Plan.

Thanks be to God repentance is real
And the Key to the Inner Man.

Scott L. Vanatter, 12 March 1975

~ ~ ~


You sit and you've been wondering;
Thinking of that thing ahead.

All creation seems to sit beside you.

Feelings of uselessness tempt you.
And it's all relative.

Coming too subtly faith whispers
To go forth.

Some hear, others refuse.
Then still few follow.

Learn to sit still.
At the right time if you feel,
It will come and His purposes will be

Scott L. Vanatter, 11 Mar 1975

Sunday, August 19, 2007

"Isn't She Lovely . . . "

Sydney and Carrie, our beautiful daughters, on the return of Sydney from her mission. (2002)