Monday, November 26, 2007

"Just Wanna Ride on My Motorcycle . . . "

On the fly, we came up with this motorcycle game. Ryan and Sean act as my motorcycle -- their arms are the handlebars; their wrist is the throttle, etc.

(BTW, both are solid as a rock; they are in shape. If you look close you can see the muscles work in Sean's back, shoulders, and arms, etc. And Ryan is that much more solid. You can tell they are physically active. A real good thing.)

First, we "pop a wheelie." The first time Sean (2) was the motorcycle, I yelled out that we were turning to the left. After turning left, without missing a beat, Sean then said, "Turn right!"

After we turn left, then right, we slam on the brakes to just barely avoid "crashing." (Boys like to crash and smash -- or come close to it.)

They (and I) could do this all night. But, who will run out of gas first?

So much love.

NOTE: Ryan, Sean, and our friend Giovanni Freret (Maggie's really cute son) can be heard on this clip. Sean is the one calling out, Right, Left, and Stop. (BTW, each boy played this motorcycle game several times before Carrie took this video.)

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