Thursday, November 29, 2007

"The Fireman Rushes In . . . "

Grandma Becky bought several costumes for Ryan and Sean to play in, a fireman, a policeman, a knight, etc.

Ryan ended up staying dressed as the fireman most all the first day or so that they were here in Virginia. (In this pic, he was actually watching TV . . . in his fireman outfit.)

Ryan said several times over the past week or so that when he grows up his "job" will be Superman. Evidently, he wants to go to Superman school.

This is kinda neat, seeing as how when I was but a young boy I read my fair share of Superman comic books (though I was not a big fan of reading lots of other comics). And, of course, I watched a fair amount of the TV Superman.

I dreamed of Superman many, many times. Scores of times I dreamed -- at night -- of flying. Maybe a hundred times altogether. Also, as a kid, I dreamed -- literal daydreams -- of being a hero; of being in tough situations; of being -- through no fault of my own -- on the edge of annihilation, but miraculously coming out on top at the end of the day.

[Prototypical hero motif. Who knew!]


Scotty Mott said...

I have hero daydreams too... except not the sort that takes a miracle or superman like powers. They are usually similar to 9/11, Columbine/Virginia Tech situations.

That is a cute fireman, he and his brother both are... heck, let's have another one!

Bean said...

I remember that. I have a very clear memory of sitting at the grocery store that used to be on Myrtle (Just north of the Vet) reading your comic books in the car. Sitting waiting for Mom to shop. I remember that there were black dots and red green and blue dots.
I also remember sitting in the Thrify parking lot on Huntngton listening to KRLA on our new transister radios. We each had a different color. FUN memories !