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Abe Ohanian's Eulogy for Terry


How did Terry touch your life? What did Terry mean to you? Join me in this reflection on the life of Terry Tenove.

On March 2, 1967 this article appeared in the local newspaper. "Before a highly partisan crowd, Duarte's Hawks captured the B Division Championship in the first Regional Golden State Tournament edging the Pico-Rivera All-Stars in overtime, 30-28, on Terry Tenove's two free throws with three seconds to play." Terry went on to win the Most-Valuable Player Award that evening.

Terry played his heart out that day, but then he always did. He lived his life the same way realizing his maximum possibilities and developing himself to his fullest capacity.

He was an achiever.

He was a Cub Scout and a Boy Scout, where he won the Order of the Arrow.

He found a great means of expression through sports.

He played baseball from the 2nd grade on thru Cal Poly and semi-pro ball. From Babe Ruth to Connie Mack Leagues to Duarte High School and to Citrus and Cal Poly he pitched. At Duarte he made All-League both in his Junior and Senior years. In his Senior year he was Most-Valuable Player.

In basketball he was Golden State's first little league "super-star". He went on to make all-league in his junior year at Duarte High School.

Terry played football and was a quarterback and a defensive back, at DHS.

After Duarte, he went to Citrus and Cal Poly where he started out as a civil engineering major; but he found his greatest interest in the area of Agricultural Biology. He had one more year to go before graduation.

But the other side of Terry was his devotion to his fellow man.

The entire Tenove family are involved in community affairs. At Christmas time the family and Terry delivered baskets to the needy. During basketball season he either coached little league or was an official. Whenever Carl and I needed help Terry was always around. He also was an umpire for little league at DYA. He always wanted to ref the 8-10 year old because he loved to watch them play. He asked me once "did I ever play that way?"

Terry was kind and gentle.

He had a love and devotion that he shared with his brothers, and a comradely feeling and respect that so obviously flowed between himself and his parents.

He touched all of us.

We are experiencing today, Terry's loss.

Yes, Terry touched us all.

We grieve in a very personal way for it is a very personal loss.

We grieve not only for ourselves we grieve for Gordon and Rose, for Glen, for Michael for Brian for his grandmother Dovie Belle Wales for his aunts and uncles and his many cousins that are here today.

Take a minute now and look around you. There are many of Terry's friends here today and Terry would have liked that.

When Terry touched our lives he became a part of us. That part of Terry will never leave us--for the spirit and love of Terry will always be with us.

Terry will always be 24.

What did Terry mean to you?

In lieu of flowers the family has requested donations be made to the Terry Tenove Memorial Tree Fund. Money will be used to plant trees at Cal Poly and the South Coast Botanical Gardens.

After the grave-side services, the family requests you join them at the home of Mr and Mrs. Vanatter at 1964 Broach Avenue in Duarte.

  No man is an island, entire of itself;
  Everyman is a piece of the continent, a part of the main;
  Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind;
  And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls;
  It tolls for thee.

    John Donne


Service delivered for Terry Tenove who passed away August 18th, 1978 at the age of 24. Service held at Rose Hills Hillside Chapel, Tuesday, August 22, 1978.

Abe Ohanian


In committing this body to its final resting place we do so with deep reverence for that body as the temple during life, of a unique and beloved personality. And we think of the words of Socrates “that no evil can befall a good man either in life or after death.” Here under the wide and open sky Terry Tenove will rest in peace. We dedicate this simple plot, amid these natural surroundings to every beautiful and precious memory associated with him.

We lay this body in the gentle earth which has been the chief supports of man since first he walked beneath the sun. To all human beings, to all living form, the soil has ever provided the sustenance that is the staff of life. May we leave this place in peace and charity.


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Scott said...

Abe Ohanian was one of the pillars of the community -- in the very best sense of the word. He was involved, caring, and connected to many. He was a friend of the Tenove family, and from what you can read in his informative and sweet eulogy of Terry, very knowledgable and appreciative both of the unique person that was Terry, and of Terry's dear family.

As Mr. Ohanian related, Terry was a most unique and beloved personality, an all-star, a super star, a most-valuable player (more than once) -- and a most-valuable friend.