Sunday, January 02, 2011

"Then He Smiled at Me..." (Christmas Letter 2010)

Scott and Becky
We took our annual trips with grandkids and student teachers to Mount Vernon, George Washington’s home. Becky spent two heavenly weeks with her Aunt Jo and cousins in Bonita, AZ. They all attended the Gila Valley Temple Dedication where their pioneer ancestors settled (in Pima, AZ). During that trip she met up with her childhood best friend, Nancy, after more than 20 years. The family all gathered together in June for Sydney and Mike’s wedding. While Sydney and Mike were on their honeymoon, we took the Carrie, Scott and their boys to a Baltimore Orioles baseball game at Camden Yards, and did a “heart attack” on the newlywed’s home. We hosted an Australia Sydney Mission Reunion in Washington D.C., an amazing 3-day event with President Earl C. Tingey and Sister Joanne Tingey. Carrie and Scott had another baby boy on Sep. 21, named Cade Ellis. Cade’s middle name, Ellis, is after Becky’s Grandpa Ellis (EJ) Hunter who built a beach house in Laguna Beach where Becky fell in love with the ocean, beaches, rocks, cliffs, seashells, and marine life. We were delighted with a surprise visit from Colin Rogers, a dear, dear friend, who Scott taught and baptized in Australia in 1975. We spent Thanksgiving weekend in Williamsburg, Virginia enjoying Colonial history, food, dress, and events with historic actors… and a little shopping. AND, we, along with Sydney and Mike, spent Christmas with Carrie and Scott and our four grandsons in Lincoln, CA.

This year Becky joined the world of Facebook and is enjoying reconnecting with family and friends near and far. She teaches Gospel Doctrine--finished the Old Testament and will start the New Testament this Sunday. She also serves as shift coordinator on Thursday evenings at the DC Temple with President and Sister Earl C. Tingey. Now both of us have served with them. (Scott in 1973-75, and Becky over the past two years.) What a privilege! And, she still works as Coordinator for BYU’s Student Teaching Program in DC Public Schools.

In September Scott was one of the speakers at a conference on chiasmus in Utah. He still serves in the bishopric. He is executive vice president for a software firm. Scott’s blog:

Sydney and Mike
In June, Sydney married Michael Kearns in the Washington D.C. Temple. They live just south of Baltimore. They both serve in the DC Temple on Becky’s Thursday evening shift. Sydney plays the organ for Sacrament meeting, teaches the youth in Sunday School, and is a counselor in the Young Women organization. She has now formally started her photography business ( Mike is elders quorum president. He works for the Department of Defense. Sydney’s blog:

Carrie and Scott (and the boys)

Carrie gave birth to Cade in September. They now have four boys, Cade (3 mo), Kyle (2), Sean (5), and Ryan (7). Cade sleeps and smiles and coos. Kyle pulls cute/funny faces and is the life of the party. Sean tells funny stories, has a heart of gold, and pals around with his big brother. Ryan reads all sorts of stories, including the Book of Mormon with his family every evening. He leads the way, caring for his brothers, with a special love and attention for baby Cade. They love their new home, north of Sacramento in Lincoln, CA. Carrie teaches Primary. Scott serves as ward executive secretary. Carrie’s new blog URL:


Carrie said...

It was a great year! Lots of good things happened:)

Gina the Photographer said...

This was an action packed Vanatter East year. Fun stuff !!