Thursday, February 04, 2010

"And Your Bird Can Sing"

"This Bird Has Flown"

Freckles, our beautiful and personable cockatiel, passed away last night or early this morning.

Sad day. However, as she was pretty old in bird years (approx 14 years), this was not so unexpected. Really, she gave us so much pleasure and joy over the years. While sad, I have such fond memories of how fun, loving, and yes, sometimes ornery, she was. (Well, she was not that ornery with Becky!) She was so sweet (at times), so teeny tiny, delicate, and with SUCH personality!

The past night or two, she spent some extra fun time boxing a leather toy Becky gave her -- and ringing the little bell connected to it. Over the past couple days and nights, she seemed to spend some extra time sitting on the floor of her cage resting. In years past, this meant she was getting ready to lay some eggs. Not this time.

When I opened her cage today, she was sitting peacefully there on the floor of her cage, with her head elegantly dipped down, and her chin gently tucked under just a bit. (I knew right away this was not good. I called her name 2-3 times. Well. Perhaps 5-6 times. A couple times just a bit louder – perhaps I could wake her in case she was just in a deep sleep.)

Well, that is all. Don’t want to go on for too long. The lump in my throat has changed to a warm smile on my face and in my heart. (Oops, and now again reverting a bit back into a lump in my throat.) “Freckles, we’ll miss you.”

With much love to you all!*


P.S. Dang. Time moves on. (Doesn’t it.) [smiles]

*As much as we loved this bird, we treasure our dear family and friends infinitely more. Love to you all. Wish we were closer and could spend more time lots more often with you all.


Carrie said...

Oops. I was the only one who didn't email! Rude! But I called when Scott told me ~ I didn't read my email first.

Sean said today, "I'm still sad about Freckles."

We'll miss her. Funny memory with Freckles and Becky France and Freckles freaking out.

Love you.

Scott Vanatter said...

I’m very sorry . . . My eyes welled up while I was reading and she wasn’t even my pet. I too wondered when… and how sad that would be for you all. I know how much she meant to you… she was a part of the family . . . I’m very sorry . . . Scott M.


Sorry for your loss. Love you! Tracy


So sorry to hear about that - I think my favorite memory of Freckles was when she let Vanni pet her when he was little. Surprised all of us when she let him do it. She actually bent her head over so he could rub her neck and head. Maggie


SAD!! My mouth gapped wide open in shock when I got your email. She was pretty old for a bird, but it's still sad. I'll miss teasing her and her near miss fly-by's to our heads. Remember when we first got her and she fly directly into the mirror we had in the dinning room and it threw her for a loop.

Sorry mom and dad. Even though she was ornery she was a good bird. She will be missed. :( The family room will be so empty now... :( Sydney


Dear Becky and Scott, Thank you for the lovely letter about your precious little pet. Remember that she is just a thought away, and when you think of her, your heart will warm with wonderful memories of her. I am so impressed with you Scott and how tender you are. I am so glad you are in my life. I love you both dearly. Aunt Jo


Oh no !! We'll miss her. Gina


So sorry to hear about Freckles. It is so sad to lose a sweet pet. I know you will miss her, she had a good life at your house and gave you guys a lot of pleasure. Love to you and Becky. Mom


I am so very sorry. Pets are a comfort and a delight in our lives, they add a unique dimension - and sometimes an aggravation too - but I get very attached to them. I will miss freckles. Thank you for letting me know. Jenna