Friday, June 12, 2009

"Take Five" on your Birthday and on Father's Day

[NOTE: Double-click on the arrow in the center of the movie immediately below.]

Dear Scott,

We are so glad we met you.

So glad we know you. So glad we know you and your heart so well. So glad you love and respect Carrie. So glad you love your boys. So glad you are who you are. So glad you are part of us. So glad you love and honor the Lord. We are SO glad.

With all our love,

Scott & Becky


Scotty Mot said...

Thank you... I ALSO love You and Becky! Your photo-movies are a lot of fun... and may I add, that's a great song! Don't you just love that?! Thanks... you're a good friend.


Carrie said...

I have an awesome husband! What great memories! He works and plays hard and puts all of his energy into whatever he is doing! We (me and the boys) LOVE him!

Thanks for making another movie! So fun!