Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Past Numbers

Thinking late into the night,
Sometimes till morning light,

Rushing from word to idea, seeing
Past numbers and mere feeling.

Connecting the dots
Creates even more.

Now, and there,
Sure only of myself -- and aware.

In each dream the hero’s fall
And rising tells all.

Careful, ponderous, and solemn thought;
Stretching, searching, communing: Taught.

Scott L. Vanatter, 3 June 2008 (This is a second lesser version of a poem written yesterday. Further editing occurred in mid-July 2008, then again in mid-August.)

NOTE: The original poem was lost into nothingness when I attempted to click the Save button. Misery, pain, and woe. When the screen went blank: total disbelief. Then there was much distress, pain, and anger. After a while, I gradually allowed a grudging acceptance. Now, after the recreation attempt, a measure of peace.


Dan said...

Dear Mr. Vanatter,

Hello. I don't know if this comment will even reach you or not but if it does, you might find it quite unusual. My name is Daniel Jin and I guess 10 years ago I was in your wife (Becky Vanatter's) 6th grade class at Centreville Elementary School. I didn't know how to ever get in contact with her but was lucky enough to find your blog. It's amazing what you can find on the internet. Well, as a former student, I would REALLY like to get in contact with her, as she was probably the one teacher who made the greatest impact in my life. In fact, every time I think of a teacher or becoming one myself, I always think of her. I notice she was still in the DC area and was wondering how I could get in contact with her like email? If you do read this comment you are free to email me at dsj7e@virginia.edu. Thank you very much and I hope to hear back from you.


Scott Vanatter said...

Just saw this again. Hope you're doing well. Keep in touch.