Sunday, December 30, 2007

"Me and You, and You and Me . . . "

Christmas 1967. Becky is all elbows and sharp angles. I have hair. (We were 13 years old. I was about to turn 14.)

Duarte High dance, 1969. (We were 15 years old.)

Christmas Eve, 1971. (We were 17 years old.)

December 1973, just before my mission. (We were 19 years old.)

December 1975, just after my mission. (We were 21 years old.)


Bean said...

I remember those two. They were the big kids. The 8th graders. That must have been at Lee's house. We had the silver tree with the light wheel about that time. Cute.

Anonymous said...

You're right Gina! I recognize the rust carpet and the record player. All these years I thought that was at your house and I couldn't figure out my silly face... now I get it. My mom was taking the picture and Scott was soooo bashful. Isn't he so cute. He was as sweet as he was cute. I loved him then and I love the old man he has become. We have literally grown old together. XO Becky

Bean said...

So cute. I think there is another photo at our house around the same time. I would be in the slides mom and dad have in kansas. I remember you guys being that age very well. You would talk into the night. If you went to the kitchen you could trip over Scott laying on the floor on the phone with you. Good times.

Anonymous said...

so many great memories... how could we be so blessed...