Saturday, August 25, 2007

"Higher Gound . . . "

We were driving from Logan, UT where Sydney just graduated from Utah State University to Roseville, CA where Scott, Carrie, Ryan, and Sean live. Along the way we paused at a rest stop in the midst of the Great Salt Lake's Bonneville salt flats. As soon as we got out of the van, Ryan darted for the salt flats and began running . . . and running, and running. He was leading the way (without looking back to see if we were all following him). I followed him WAY out into the salt flats. He may have run a good half mile of a mile. It looked like he was heading for those mountains in the distance. I caught up and we finally turned around. He knew this wasn't snow, or concrete, but salt (he took us at our word). So when I suggested we lick it, he was all for it. It was kinda 'inviting' . . . licking-wise, that is -- AND in its natural wonder. (May 2006)

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