Tuesday, June 15, 2004

"We Are The Champions . . . "

Tight end #87 for Citrus College, the 1972 Mission Conference Co-Champions. We had, what turned out to be, one of the junior college All-American running backs that year on our team. Kenny Williams. We/he set team and individual season and game rushing records that stood for over 30 years. Kenny set the junior college record (1,850 yards) during the same season that OJ set the pro record (over 2,000 yards). We had a much shorter season than the pros. (1972)


SM said...

I love this picture... it flippin sweet. I love how you didn't get the memo on how you were supposed to but your arms... like everyone else. -the other Scott

SM said...

Oops I meant ... 'put' your arms... my thyroid level is really low. :) -SM