Friday, June 11, 2004

"Boy From the Country . . . "

With Grandpa Tru and my Dad in our front yard in Duarte. That's my '55 Chevy in background. (1971)

When Grandma Bert married Grandpa Tru they all ended up moving to Kansas. Dad and his sister attended a one-room schoolhouse there in Uniontown, KS. We visited there a few years ago (circa 2002) and took this picture. I picked up part of the siding/walls as a piece of family history/memorabilia. I understand this old schoolhouse was torn down sometime after our visit.


Anonymous said...

Pretty flippin tough... but I can't decide which one I wish was of me... this one or the picture that you posted of Terry in the baseball uniform... very cool. -SM

Anonymous said...

Terry looks like Ray's deceased father on 'Field of Dreams'... I have always gotten chills of emotion, sometimes tears (like right now), during (or thinking about)that part... "Would you like to have a catch?" he says... Father and Son, almost the same age. -SM